About DSAK

The concept of Direct Selling in India which arguably started in the 1980s has emerged as the fastest growing non-store retail formats in the country and also as a stimuli to improve various social and economic parameters of the country. It gained momentum by expanding its distribution channels to market various goods and services.
According to Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI), though Direct Selling is new in India,in less than two decades it has provided self-employment to more than 5 million people,with majority being women(58 per cent).

Direct Selling Association of Kerala(DSAK) is formed in the aim of uplifting the standards of Direct Selling industry in Kerala and also with a vision to provide support to direct sellers in Kerala. It aims at bringing into notice to the concerned authorities, that the common notion of diect selling which is being misjudged as the ponzi schemes / money circulation schemes thereby ruining the whole essence of an industry, has been already proved to boom in the coming years with reference to KPMG report. Several genuine direct selling companies and sellers associated with the same are still charged by the concerned authorities and labeled as cheats / frauds even though the Union Government clarified that the direct selling / direct marketing fall under the legal category of business industry and not under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) 1978 act.  

DSAK is structured with an intention to protect direct sellers, thereby work for their welfare to uplift the value of direct selling in Kerala and also create an awareness on the same . DSAK would work towards achieving the objective of bringing the significance of direct selling into the light to all levels of the society .

  • President: Ashik B R
  • Secretary: Monesh K.M
  • Vice President: Vysakh Nair R.U
  • Joint Secretary: Ananthajith Thenan
  • Executive Member: Nijas S.M
  • Executive Member: Saju S. Nair
  • Treasurer: Mohammed Nabil N N
  • Commitee:
    • Amitha Rani Francis
    • Sajith s kumar
    • Manoj rs
    • Raj Kiran
    • Prem Shankar
    • Akhil M Das
    • Gokul Rajeev
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